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The Chicago Continuum of Care (CoC) is a membership organization whose mission is to prevent and end homelessness in our city. We achieve this by fostering shared responsibility, collaborative planning and aligning the stakeholders and resources essential to implementing, the strategic priorities of Plan 2.0, Chicago’s plan to prevent and end homelessness.

This page is dedicated to providing information relevant to the work of the CoC. If you are interested in becoming a member of the Chicago Continuun of Care, please click here



Notice of FY 2016 Opportunity to Register for CoC Program Competition

HUD has released the FY2016 CoC Program Registration Notice for Fiscal Year (FY) 2016. HUD requires each Continuum of Care (CoC) Collaborative Applicant to register in advance of applying for the approximately $1.9 billion of funding available under the FY 2016 CoC Program Competition. As Chicago's designated Collaborative Applicant, All Chicago is responsible for this step which leads up to the CoC Program Competition NOFA. The Registration closes on May 11.

All Chicago will notify the community when we've completed the registration process. Although Project Applicants do not need to complete any steps for the Registration process there are a few things your organization can begin to prepare for the FY2016 CoC Program Competition later this year. 

1. Check to see if the Authorized Representative has changed since FY2015: The authorized representative is the person authorized to submit the e-snaps application on behalf of the agency, usually an Executive Director or Program Director. If the authorized representative has changed, please refer to the Updating Project Applicant Contacts document for further instructions.

2. Know your e-snaps username and password. You will need to have your username and password in order to complete the FY2016 process. The e-snaps website can be accessed at If you cannot remember your password, you will need to submit a request for a password reset via HUD Exchange.

3. Create new usernames and passwords if necessary, and link users to project application. Note that anyone who will be working on the application in e-snaps must have a username and password, and must be linked to the project application in e-snaps. For instructions on completing this step, please review the Adding and Deleting Users in Esnaps document.

4. Know your DUNS number. If you've applied for grants before, you should already have a DUNS number. If you do not have access to your DUNS number, you can search for it here. For questions concerning your agency's DUNS numbers, call 1-866-705-5711. Please note that All Chicago staff will not be able to assist you with your DUNS number as it is separate from the HUD process.

5. Review your e-snaps Project Application from 2015 so you know what to expect. The application generally changes minimally from year to year, but you may not have the opportunity to import last year's information to this year's application. Therefore, it is important to look at last year's application to see where it might need updating for this year. A copy of your agency's FY2015 Project Application can be obtained through e-snaps.

Once the FY2016 CoC Program Competition NOFA is released, we will be sending out an email announcing trainings on how to complete the Project Application in e-snaps. Attendance at one of the trainings is required by all agencies and there will be a beginner session (in-person) and advanced session (via webinar). Please look for that email and register ASAP. We look forward to working with everyone to complete this process. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact the CoC team at

The Center for Social Innovation

The Center for Social Innovation, with All Chicago/The Learning Center's support, is seeking housing agencies and direct service staff to participate in a short-term research study. The study will be measuring direct service staff's development and maintenance of Motivational Interviewing skills after receiving in-depth training and various methods of follow-up support. This is a unique and timely opportunity for organizations to build staff capacity in the area of Motivational Interviewing. While there is a necessary minimal level of staff commitment, a 2-day mandatory training which will be provided for free and a nominal monetary incentive is offered. Please click here on for specific details. If you and any of your staff are interested in participating please contact Dave Thomas, Director of Programs at All Chicago at as soon as possible. Once agencies and staff have been recruited All Chicago will coordinate with the CSI to schedule introductory meetings and set training dates. 

2016 Housing Inventory Count Survey

Each year, All Chicago conducts the Housing Inventory Count (HIC), which is a count of the housing inventory dedicated to serve those experiencing homelessness. The HIC is held in conjuntion with the PIT which counts the number of individuals and families experiencing homelessness, on the same given night. This year, the counts will be conducted on January 26, 2016. The HIC survey is based on information obtained from the night of the count on January 26th. All HIC surveys are due via SurveyGizmo, no later than January 28, 2016. PDF submissions will not be accepted. 

All Chicago held a Housing Inventory Count (HIC) Training on January 7, 2016. Please see the material below related to the HIC training. 

Housing Inventory Count Survey Training - Webinar
Housing Inventory Count Survey Webinar - PowerPoint Presentation Handout
Housing Inventory Count Survey - PDF
2016 PIT Webinar - ShelterPoint Training
Housing Inventory Count Survey
HIC Definitions 
Housing Inventory Count for RRH & SSVF Providers - Webinar 
Housing Inventory Count for RRH & SSVF Providers - Handout


Approved Charter Amendment Process
The CoC is pleased to announce a process to provide recommendations to the CoC Charter. If you or your committee would like to recommend amendments to the CoC Charter, please review the CoC Charter Amendement Process Document below. All recommendations are due before Janaury 31, 2016. 

CoC Charter Amendment Process Document

2015 Veteran Resource Guide

We are pleased to share our 2015 Veteran Resource Guide. The guide was compiled in November 2015 by All Chicago Making Homelessness History, with the generous support of the Michael Reese Health Trust, to raise awareness of the many resources available to Veterans in Chicago. 




Program Models Chart, Revised December 2014

Program Models Chart - Revised & Approved on 12-17-2014
PMC FINAL Feedback Remarks

Redlined 2014 PMC Draft 12.04.14
2014 PMC Draft 12.04.14

All Continuum of Care 


CoC Membership

The Chicago Continuum of Care (CoC) is made stronger thorugh the participation of broad and diverse members. Please review the CoC Membership Application and learn about the membership benefits and responsibilities. A CoC member is any individual or organization with an interest in understanding and addressing the issues related to homelessness, and a desire to participate in some way in the City of Chicago's coordinated plan to end homelessness. If you are interested in joining the CoC, please complete the CoC Membership Application and return it to the

CoC Membership Application- PDF

CoC Membership Application - Online Submission


Meeting Minutes and Presentations


All CoC Meeting Presentations - June 26, 2014

SOAR Presentation
IDHS/DASA: CABHI Presentation
Lived Experience Commission Presentation
GSSC CoC Charter Presentation


Chicago CoC Interim Board of Directors (formerly known as the Chicago Planning Council on Ending Homelessness)

Meeting Minutes 4-15-2015
Meeting Minutes - 3-18-2015
Meeting Minutes - 2-18-2015
Meeting Minutes - 12-17-2014
Meeting Minutes - 6-18-2014
Meeting Minutes - 5-21-2014
Meeting Minutes - 4-16-14
Meeting Minutes - 2-19-14
Meeting Minutes - 12-18-13


Membership Committee

Meeting Minutes - 12-2-2014


Ad Hoc Charter Implementation Committee

Ad Hoc Charter Implementation Meeting Minutes - 1-14-2016
Ad Hoc Charter Implementation Meeting Minutes - 12-3-2015
Ad Hoc Charter Implementation Meeting Minutes - 10-1-2015
Ad Hoc Charter Implementation Meeting Minutes - 3-2-2015
Ad Hoc Charter Implementation Meeting Minutes - 2-5-2015

Ad Hoc Charter Implementation Meeting Minutes - 1-8-2015
Ad Hoc Charter Implementation Meeting Minutes - 12-11-2014
Ad Hoc Charter Implementation Meeting Minutes - 11-14-2014


Collaborative Applicant Committee

Meeting Minutes - 12-5-2014


Employment Taskforce Committee

Meeting Minutes - 12-12-2014


Advocacy Committee

Meeting Minutes - 6-2-2015


HUD McKinney Vento (HMV) Committee

HMVMeeting Minutes - 11 6 15
HMV Meeting Minutes - 10-2-2015
HMV Meeting Minutes - 9-4-2015
HMV Meeting Minutes - 8-7-2015
HMV Meeting Minutes - 7-10-2015
HMV Meeting Minutes - 6-5-2015
HMV Meeting Minutes - 5-1-2015
HMV Meeting Minutes - 4-10-2015
HMV Meeting Minutes - 3-6-2015
HMV Meeting Minutes - 2-6-2015
HMV Meeting Minutes - 1-9-2015


HMIS Committee
HMIS Meeting Minutes - 12-9-2015