Symbol of Hope

So many among us are struggling to make ends meet.  A medical crisis, job layoff, or other unforeseen life event can devastate an individual or family’s financial situation.  In the blink of an eye, hardworking people can find themselves in a hole that they cannot dig themselves out of without help.

Not everyone has a family member or friend they can turn to for support.  That is why the Emergency Fund exists – to provide financial help for individuals and families who have nowhere else to turn.  We give people a hand up when they need it most.  You can, too.

The Emergency Fund’s Symbol of Hope Campaign is committed to raising awareness and donations for those individuals and families in need.  By purchasing the Symbol of Hope, you are showcasing your commitment to the fight against homelessness.  All of us have something to offer.  A gift of support – no matter the size – can make a world of difference to someone in need.

Show compassion.  Offer hope.  Take action.  Reach out through the Emergency Fund.

Click Here to View and Purchase Your Own Symbol of Hope Pendant or Lapel Pin

*The Emergency Fund has partnered with Erica's Jewelry to sell a striking replication of our logo as a pendant and a lapel pin. Proceeds from each sale are donated back to the Emergency Fund.

The Symbol of Hope was recently featured on Wendy's Lookbook!