Flexible Financial Fund

The Emergency Fund’s Flexible Financial Fund exists to provide immediate financial help to low-income families on the brink of a crisis. Our Flexible Financial Fund is critical, because we are able to give immediately to those in need without any red-tape, and we are one of few organizations in the Chicago-land area who provide this type of funding. The two types of grants we offer through our Flexible Financial Fund are:

Crisis Solution Grants: Our Crisis Solution Grants are designed to help provide immediate help to people experiencing a crisis.  Crisis Solution Grants are often used for transportation passes, food vouchers, eye glasses, prescription medicine, and clothing.  Payments are made directly to landlords, utility companies, or other service providers on behalf of the client. 

Self-Sufficiency Grants: Our Self-Sufficiency Grants are designed to help move families to a more sustainable income. They assist families with rent, utilities, and basic necessities while the head of household completes an employment program.  Our Self-Sufficiency Grants have been used to support families while the father completed a job-training program, to support a single woman as she worked towards getting her medical degree certified in the U.S, and more. 

Individuals seeking assistance should call 3-1-1 and ask for Short-Term Help to be screened for Flexible Financial Funds.